21 Cats Who Are Perfect Little Weirdos

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#1 George, who would like you to please take a seat

#2 This nugget who couldn’t take the glory of another’s tail.

#3 And this one who just wants some peace and quiet

#4 This guy who found a new bed

#5 And this one casually testing out the laws of physics.

#6 This dude caught stealin’ cheese

#7 And this one who refuses to be shamed by the cone of shame

#8 This gal who enjoys eating her spinach like Gollum

#9 And Scuba, who just likes to ‘let loose’

#10 This lady who’s a little on edge lately

#11 And this one who wants to be left alone but only a little bit

#12 This cat inception situation

#13 This bathing beauty

#14 This champ who found the perfect perch from which to judge

#15 These two just carpooling to work

#16 And this excited cat who doesn’t even know

#17 This cat in a backpack with a view

#18 And this one who definitely uses this pic to slide into DMs

#19 This guy who wants you to know he’s ready but not getting up until you are ACTUALLY dressed

#20 This guy who made a huge mistake

#21 And this one working on her flexibility

via: buzzfeed.com

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