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15 Cats That Prove They Are Masters Of Pure Laziness

When you need a break, take a look at these lazy felines and live vicariously through them. These comfy cats have turned relaxation into an art form and are happy to demonstrate their skills for anyone looking for a grin.
So get ready to relax with these masters of the art of doing absolutely nothing. Here you’ll meet a group of adorable kitties who can relate. These lazy cats just can’t be bothered and they’re not afraid to admit it.
Scroll down and enjoy. Don’t forget to share with your friends and family!

#1. Never Forget the Importance of Hydration While Relaxing

#2. Train Tracks: Not as Exciting as They Look in Action Movies, Actually

#3. “Sorry Baby. Seat Is Taken.”

#4. “Oh Come on, Ball. Work with Me, Bro.”

#5. Milo Abandons His Place at the Foot of Cave Nappy Time for No Man or Beast

#6. Snowball Learns the Hard Way to Never Mess with a Napping Man

#7. Sunbathing.

#8. “So Interesting. Please. Tell Me More.”

#9. “Hmmm, I’ll Just Lay… Here.”

#10. Nothing Interrupts Zen Cat’s Meditation Times. Nothing.

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