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Amazing Video Shows An African Wildcat Call Its Owner ‘Mamma’

Servals are a huge investment in time and money. In the US, the cost for obtaining a Serval has ranged from around $2000. Moreover, keeping a serval requires special permits, which may only be available after going through training courses.

Meet model and former Great Escape reality TV star Morgan Lyn and her domesticated servals, Zeus and Hera. The amazing video today shows Zeus standing on a table, nuzzling into Morgan’s neck and calling her ‘Mamma’.

Morgan set up a YouTube channel for the cats, where everyone can watch videos about her majestic wild cats. In the videos, she often cuddles them and teaches them amazing tricks such as sitting, standing up and grabbing things and even speaking.

That are talented cats! I hope that these cats can say “I love you” in the next. That would be so cute! Please share this video with your friends and family members!

Watch the amazing video here!

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