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Cat Surrendered To Shelter Won’t Stop Cuddling Beloved Stuffed Animal

A 16-year-old cat, Hoonie had a rough life when his parents passed away and had to leave and go to a shelter to be adopted again. Hoonie has seen a lot of changes in his life lately, but one thing has remained the same — Hoonie’s favorite stuffed animal, a gray and white cat, is still at his side.
The owner’s daughter wanted to find the cat a good home as both she and her son were allergic. So Hoonie and his stuffed cat went to a shelter run by Alley Cat Rescue in Maryland.
Hoonie is in excellent health, so Grant hopes that his advanced age doesn’t deter potential adopters. Hoonie and his buddy have been at the shelter for about a week, and they are always together. The cat is now available for adoption, but the adoption center says that whoever chooses to adopt this cat, must also take the stuffed animal with him – the cat’s favorite toy.
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The toy has always been there by his side since Hoonie got it from his human.

When Hoonie came to the rescue, he was not alone.

Hoonie spends all of his time with his stuffed cat — he sleeps with it, cuddles with it and wrestles with it.

His beloved toy will go where he goes.

He also loves to lay on your lap and relax.

When Hoonie is eventually adopted, his stuffed cat will follow him to his new home.

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