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Chinese Mountain Cats In the Wild Caught On Video For The First Time

In a very rare moment, an infrared camera has captured a video of Chinese mountain cats (Felis bieti) in China’s Sanjiangyuan region. This wild cat is one of the few special types of wild cats who have not been seen a lot in the wild.
Chinese mountain cats have long and dense hair, with a grey or dark yellow colour. Their most obvious characteristics include two unique horizontal lines on the cheeks and black rings on the tail.
Their food are pikas, small animals like mice and birds. They live in deserts, edge of forests, mountain bushes and mountain meadows at an altitude of 2,800 to 4,000 metres.
Chinese mountain cats are an endangered species because there are less than 10,000 felines left in the wild. Moreover, human presence also poses dangers to the Chinese Mountain Cats when poachers hunt these animals for their fur and make them accessories like small seating furs, waist bands, and warm hats for the winter season. So, they are listed as a class II protected wild animal in China.
Watch the rare cat in the video below. I’m make sure that you’ll never have seen anything like it before. Please share with your friends and your family members! Nd

Watch the video below




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