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Dog Finds A Box Of Abandoned Kittens And Becomes The Best Foster Dad

SCARS is a rescue animals organization which was founded in 2015. The name SCARS may seem like a sad acronym but the founders believe that animals can carry emotional scars the same way humans can and they always need help. Just within last month, SCARS rescued more than 25 kittens.
Meet Aragon, a rescue dog who just saved a litter of kittens were abandoned in the mountains of Greece. He is one of the SCARS volunteers, his task is to search for pets dumped in the mountains. But this time he didn’t stop there and became the best foster dad.
One day, while out on a walk near the mountain town Ymitos, Aragon discovered a strange box. The boy immediately led rescuers toward the box and found four tiny kittens who had been abandoned. Thankfully, they got just in time to save the kittens before they would’ve been eaten by a fox or another animal, just like many of the other abandoned pets were.
The kittens were taken to the shelter and were examined health. Since that day, Aragon has become their biggest fan and he also loves them. That is why Aragon decided to become a foster dad. Aragon’s new task is to make sure the kittens don’t wander too far away. He snuggled up with them and protected them to make them feel safe and loved.
The kittens are safe and healthy and available for adoption through SCARS. The kittens finally find a forever home and as for Aragon… what a good boy he is!
Love definitely knows no species! Check out the video below and don’t forget to share this story with your friends and family!

Watch the video below!

More info: SCARS | Facebook

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