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You Will Get A Laugh Attack From Watching These Funny Cat And Dog Videos

It’s believed that dogs and cats dislike each other. However, it is not true. In facts, it’s just a personality conflict between them because they approach the world in very different ways. Cats will react with some caution to larger and unfamiliar animals and probably run away while dogs think this is a fun game and will chase them. Sadly, it is not a fun game and the poor dogs may get a nose full of claws. However, conflict can be reduced in case dogs and cats who live in the same roof because they understand each other enough to not waste time-fighting so much.

Dogs and cats are domesticated, so they’re particularly flexible in their behavior in a way that other animals are not. In general, we shouldn’t think that they can’t live happily together. Both can be really comfortable around each other which goes against what we might think.

It seems the age-old spat between these two species is mostly fiction. So, we would like to show you the life of dogs and cats who living in the same home in the best funny videos below. If you’re looking for the best funny dog and cat videos, why not try this compilation. I make sure that you will get a laugh attack from watching these videos. Thanks for watching!

Funny cats and dogs compilation

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You will get a laugh attack from watching these funny cats and dogs

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