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If You’re Ever Feeling Down, These Highland Cattle Calves Will Make You Smile

When it comes to adorable, furry baby animals, I make sure that kittens, puppies or even pandas might be the first animals that would come to your mind. However, there is a breed of fluffy cows whose babies are as cute as the charming creatures which we mentioned above. The breed of fluffy cows that we would like to introduce is Highland cattle.

Highland cattle are a Scottish long haired cow breed stands out from the rest for their luxurious coats. The unique double fur consists of an oily outer layer and a downy undercoat that keeps them warm in the cold temperatures. In fact, their unusual double coat is the longest of any cattle breed. This feature makes them perfect to withstand harsh weather conditions in the Highlands where heavy rains and strong winds are frequent. It also helps to present them as cutest little moos ever.

So, we have collected a list of these irresistible fluffy calves that will hit you right in the feels. Instead of watching pictures of adorable kittens and puppies, let’s focus for a moment on another animal that will make you smile. Scroll down to enjoy the pictures and vote for your favorite ones! Don’t forget to share the adorable precious baby cows with your friends to brighten their day.

#1. Look at this little moo!

#2. That shiny black nose is just too cute.

#3. Casually being the most adorable thing ever.

#4. Snuggles!

#5. “I can touch my nose with my tongue!”

#6. This little guy still hasn’t quite figured out how his legs work yet.

#7. So small and fluffy!

#8. This one’s little horns are growing.

#9. A big stretch for a little cow.

#10. This is Enya and she is only 2-months old.

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