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Kitten Poos On Hysterical Girl And She Absolutely Loses It

No one likes it when a cat starts eliminating outside of the litter box. They aren’t bad or purposely being naughty, nor are they seeking revenge. They should never be punished — there are legitimate reasons for the unwelcome behavior. If your cats eliminate outside the litter boxes, you have to clean and get rid of the smell. It’s an awful day, but I think that you are still luckier than some people.
Few days ago, an account on FB named Becky Hoefs posted a video about her daughter Elyse. The girl brought home a new kitty but unfortunately this kitty pooped on her T- shirt. She screamed “stop crapping on me”. Some people think that it was a bad day with the little girl and sympathise with this girl who sits frozen in the passenger seat of a car having been caked in kitten dung. But many people think that “It’s the funniest thing ever”. It makes them laugh so much!
Scroll down to see pictures and video below! Let us know what do you think in comment and don’t forget to tag your friends!

Look at this face.

This is not fun anymore!

What a “crappy” deal!

She screams “stop crapping on me”

Watch video here!

What a "crappy" deal!

Posted by Becky Hoefs on Saturday, August 25, 2018

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