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Lioness Sits On Mate To Get His Attention But He Ignores Her

This is the moment a restless lioness makes every attempt to get a lion’s attention but had no luck in catching the king of the jungle’s eye.
In this hilarious video the lioness can be seen strutting around the lion, who is chilling on the ground. When this failed to have any impact on him the sassy big cat threw herself to the ground in front of him to try and catch his eye. It doesn’t work, though, and the lion hardly reacts at all. She then attempts to climb over the lion and leaves her back legs and bum on him, but again he remains disinterested. She ends up sat on top of the lion, before giving up on that and lying back down beside him. The lion was so passive to all these over-romantic gestures and he just lay there as if nothing untoward is happening around him.
So, watch the video below and see the beauty of our nature and the mystery of the lion’s repulsion of the lady!

The male looks like a don, gazes straight ahead, paying the lion love piece right in front of him no mind.

He blocks her again.

And then again.

And of course once more, this time literally, stepping over her.

Now why is she getting denied in the first place? Where did she go wrong

Either way, enjoy the video below.

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