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Man Dumps Kitten In Pampers Diaper Box In Front Of Closed Pet Store

Last week, a cold, wet kitten 5 or 6 weeks was found in front of a closed pet store. Margie Morris, president of Project Purr Animal Rescue, a local cat haven and adoption center spotted this kitten when she stepped out of the building to get her coffee in her car.

According to Morris, she heard a tiny meow, but thought she had imagined it. However, she went inside and told another volunteers about tiny meow outside. The volunteers went out to search. They searched the sidewalk and even the trash can but they couldn’t find the source of the meowing. Finally, they spotted the Pampers box in front of the pet store. They saw a poor kitten was inside the box and immediately took him to the vet.

The little kitten is underweight and has a mild case of ringworm. Also, his skin, fur and nails affected by a fungal infection. Luckily, he is being taken care by Project Purr and will be up for adoption as soon as he’s healthy and has been neutered and vaccinated. The sweet kitten named Bing and now he’s very playful and lovely.

The pet store shared its security camera footage with Morris. In the video, a man wandered up to the closed pet store and left the Pampers diaper box at the door. Then he quickly walked away. Thanks to Project Purr Animal Rescue, Bing was rescued and had a happy home to be loved.



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