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Meet Muni The Cross-Eyed Cat Was Abandoned In The Street That Has Become An Internet Sensation

Ever seen a cross-eyed cat before? Meet Muni, a cross-eyed Siamese cat abandoned due to her appearance and her unconventional vision. Thankfully, the three-year-old Siamese cat was rescued by Ani Hovsepian from the streets of Armenia. Muni has become an internet sensation after her owner shared the cat’s adorable videos.

Muni was born in 2012 and the feline is now living the life of luxury. Muni’s cross-eyed doesn’t particularly affect her vision, so she can roam freely at home and does what every other cat can do. However, it has limited her from hunting mouse.

Muni loves the attention and has gained internet popularity. After Ani started posting pictures of her online, she has won an army of fans. Hovsepian has created an Instagram account for Muni, where she has more than 9,600 followers.

More info: Instagram

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