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Molly Chan, The Bengal With The Shining Eyes

Cats have some of the most unique eyes in the animal world. I make sure that we have all heard of Coby Cat, Internet’s spirit animal with blue eyes and the perfect wing-tip eyeliner. Today, let’s meet Molly chan, the extraordinary little and Instagram supermeowdel with the most beautiful eyes – shining eyes.
Molly Chan is a Bengal cat who came to her family when he was just a tiny cat with shining eyes. Molly is such a cutie pie, she is always up to mischief and is always telling her mummy she is Boss.
Here we have shared a few pictures. Her sweet, soulful gaze will steal your heart. See more photos on her Instagram page.

Little day dreamer

Looking straight into your soul

What am I doing with my lives? I sometimes wonder

Feathers are fabulous, darling

Is this bowtie too loud?

Come closer and I’ll give you a kiss

Got that morning time melancholy

Purrfect symmetry. Can you see it?

Someday I will get that red dot…

Hello birdies. Can we be furriends?

Watch video here!

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