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Ten Tiny Stray Kittens Follow Woman Home

While walking her dog one morning, a woman named Bree Taylor in Queensland, Australia found ten adorable stray kittens sitting in the bushes. They were dumped on the side of a road without being cared by mom.

At first, Taylor thought that mama cat was going to come out and attack Koda, but the mom was nowhere to be seen and the kittens were purring because of being hungry. She realized that someone had dumped the kittens by the roadside and they were hoping she had some food for them. They all purred and rubbed against her, friendly as could it be.

Without hesitation, she decided to bring all kittens home to foster. However, she couldn’t carry all of them by herself, so she walked home in order to take car and transport the tiny felines. But as she took off, all ten kittens started running behind her.

She worried that the poor cats wouldn’t be able to walk but they kept pace with her. There was the smallest kitten was unable to keep up because being tired and Taylor quickly picked him up for the rest of the walk.

As soon as the kittens arrived home, Taylor gave something for them to eat and drink and started the process of finding them new homes. Thanks to Taylor’s kind actions, these ten kittens have found great homes.

Watch the video below!

Posted by Bree Taylor on Monday, May 28, 2018

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h/t: Animal Channel

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