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Woman Says She Lives With 1000 Cats… But It’s Not What You Think

Meet Lynea Lattanzio, an amazing woman who given up her 4200 square foot home, just to care for her rescued cats. Lynea is now 68 years old and lives with over a thousand of the cats and over of her life, she has taken care of over 28,000 cats.

Lynea Lattanzio is now living on a 6 acre property called Cat House on the Kings in California. It’s the largest free-range, no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats in Parlier, California on the Kings River, about an hour south of Fresno.

She started adopting and fostering cats in 1992 after a divorce and acquired 96 by the end of the year. She even became a veterinary technician in order to grow her mission and find the funds to maintain cat’s life. It helped to keep the animals’ medical costs down as the number of cats she homed began to grow.

Luckily, Lattanzio has help of many volunteers, veterinary technicians and veterinarians. Since the sanctuary founded, Lattanzio and her team have saved over 24,000 cats, 7000 dogs and 40,000 animals being spayed and neutered over the years. Now they are caring for about 800 adult cats and 300 kittens.

Although they are love cats, their main goal is to find good and forever homes for poor cats. If you would like to adopt adorable cats or learn more about the non-profit organization, The Cat House on the Kings, be sure to visit their website: www.cathouseonthekings.com

Watch the video below to see the incredible Cat House and amazing cat lady!

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